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Don't let the term "Competition" 

deter you!


The ScooterGiro Cyclades is a classic "Time-Distance-Speed" competitive Road Rally.  You do not need to be an experienced competitor to participate.

Road Rallying has a long and colorful history.  It has been a popular sport for automotive and motorcycle/scooter enthusiasts for decades.  The ScooterGiro Cyclades has been tailored specifically for motorscooters and is well within the abilities of a first time rallier.

Basically, the Road Rally involves navigating a set of prescribed courses at an average speed as close to what is prescribed as possible.  The courses will be along roads with fantastic views and through delightful Greek villages.  It is not a "race", as high speeds are not involved, and it is not "dirt track riding", as all roads are surfaced.  Not only is high speed not involved, there are penalties for exceeding the average posted speed limit on the course.

Participants will be given a route plan and the designated average speeds along the route.  All you have to do is navigate the route successfully, checking and adjusting your speed as you go along.  You will be provided check points at which you can check your elapsed time to determine if you are ahead or behind schedule.  Scoring is based upon elapsed time, so with a stop watch and odometer, it's easy to calculate how you are doing.  Click on the "ScooterGiro Guide Book" link below to see more about scoring.

All in all, Road Rallying is easy and lots of FUN!!

While participation in the Road Rally is optional, everyone is encouraged to enter the competition.  It costs nothing extra, will take you on a tour of the two islands and give you a chance to win a beautiful trophy.  Trophies will be awarded for 1st, 2nd and 3rd Place.

After a little bit of reading, you should find that the basics of road rally competition are pretty straight forward.  The key elements are a little bit of advance planning and then keeping track of your elapsed time and the distance you have traveled, adjusting your speed as necessary.

The ScooterGiro Competitors' Guide and Competition Rules booklet  has been prepared in draft form.  This booklet will give you a good  idea of what is involved in the competitive event.  Click on the link below to open the Guide in a new window. 

 ScooterGiro Guide Book and Rules



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