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Welcome to the Greek Islands Scooter Rally and

ScooterGiro Cyclades.

15 - 28 June 2014

The Greek Islands of Paros, Antiparos, Naxos, Milos and all the Aegean are ideal for scooter riding and rallying. Beautiful mountain roads, magnificent beaches, family restaurants and tavernas, but most of all, the wonderful people. The islands are ideal for a variety of interests.

The Greek Islands Rally includes a variety of activities that will provide you with a scooter riding vacation of a lifetime.  You will enjoy a traditional beach side hotel on Paros, a unique and charming small village retreat on Naxos, and a third island to be determined later.  The riding on the islands is great, and a variety of other activities are available, to include archeological exploration, kayaking, snorkeling, lounging on the beach,  shopping and more.  And you get to do this with a great bunch of scooterists from all over the world!  Sound like a dream holiday?  See what previous Ralliers enjoyed by visiting our PHOTO GALLERY!

ScooterGiro Cyclades is a competitive Time, Speed, Distance road rally, conducted in the spirit and traditions of classical road rallies. You will ride two measured distance courses on Paros and two on Naxos. The objective is not speed, but accurate navigation and completing each course in exactly the time allotted, riding at or below the posted speed limits, as appropriate. The courses will be on magnificently scenic roads, covering a total of some 200 kilometers.  OF COURSE, if competition doesn't interest you, simply join us for the rest of the fun. But before you get put off by the idea of competition, click on "Competition Guide" above.

The rally package will include 13 nights hotel (Athens-2 nights - one on arrival and one before departure, 4 nights on Paros, 4 nights on Naxos and 3 nights on Milos, ferries to and from the islands,  daily breakfast, four group dinners, necessary maps, competitor's bibs, a rally patch, scooter rental fees and more. Transportation to and from Athens and your home is not included.

The Greek Islands Rally is a “non-rider friendly” holiday.  If your spouse or friend is not a rider and doesn’t wish to ride pillion, they can still enjoy themselves.  Rental cars and ATVs are available.

Rally Prices:

Pricing to be announced when Rally is Scheduled

Persons who ride as a passenger or bring their own scooter deduct 180 Euro from above price.

A 30% deposit will be required at the time of booking, and the balance will be due no later than six weeks before the Rally start date.  Complete details are available via the Participants Forum.  

Residents of Greece can request a special one island itinerary.

Feel Free to Contact US with questions or to make reservations

Greek Islands Scooter Rally
Scootergiro Cyclades

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